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Assets creation for the Banshee 3D open source editor

I started creating assets for a "demo level" for showing some of capabilities from the Banshee 3D engine.

This is still WIP (Work in progress), and will update the images as I work on them.

The idea for this level is to present some kind of underground base, were you would find a small 2 places spaceship and 3 main rooms.
Later I plan to script the mechanics to visit this level, and add more stuff by iterations.

Currently, started with the ship and the maintenance room, and first corridor. The work on the maintenance room just started and the ship is about 80% completed. All the assets are created as low poly in 3DS Max, then using 3D Coat for UV mapping and texturing.

All the screenshots are taken from the realtime PBR rendering from the Banshee 3D engine.
The site project is here:
(Projet is still in Alpha, and should reach beta in august 2018)
I'm compiling from source and producing bug reports as I create the assets.

Christian clavet montagebanshee2

Small spaceship, to side view.

Christian clavet montagebanshee4

Small spaceship, front view

Christian clavet montagebanshee

Ship and door revealing the corridor

Christian clavet montagebanshee3

Corridor from one room to the other